"Can't listen to this and keep still at the same time!"

                                                       --says Phil Green of Miranda Guitars 

¨Great sound with a Latin jazz flavor.¨

          --says Le Rooster (DJ and radio host, San Diego and SF Bay Area) 


¨ ... a great folk album to add to your Latin music collection.¨

                                                --says Hector Aviles of Latino Music Cafe.

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There´s some great music on this CD of Afro-Peruvian and criollo music which we´ve recently released.  We're calling the CD Afro-Peruvian Rhythms and it features artists "de Rompe y Raja" with Lalo Izquierdo.  We've chosen the name because the rhythms are so good, and so much fun.

Never heard of Afro-Peruvian music?  Think of Afro-Cuban, of Susana Baca and Eva Ayllón, even of Gabriel Alegría.  Our music is the sister (in the case of Afro-Cuban) or the foundation (in the case of the rest) on which their music is built.  And Afro-Peruvians are part of the larger African diaspora.

This CD features two songs performed by popular criollo singer-songwriter Jorge Luis Jasso plus a number of Afro-Peruvian classics sung by Rosa los Santos.  In addition, there´s a fantastic solo cajón number at the end in which master percussionist Lalo Izquierdo demonstrates rhythms from North and South America, including heavy metal/funk, Brazilian samba, salsa, and of course, Afro-Peruvian.

Lalo Izquierdo plays the quijada de burro (see photo above) and the cajón, including the cajón solo in the last track. He even sings one of the songs.